Combat Commander Europe – #10 Commando Schools

This was a fun scenario where I was actually able to adapt to a little adversity! Well…having a few Ambushes helped.

Thanks, Michal, for another great write-up! Check out the rest of his blog while you’re there.

We’re currently in the middle of Scenario #11, so probably no post for a little while, but we’re getting close to the end!

The Boardgames Chronicle

Incredible! That was already our 10th Combat Commander Europe scenario which we played with Dave since January! This is our epic journey to play the whole base game and we are getting pretty nice progress here. While scenario #9 was comparatively long, the below #10 went pretty quickly. So we are not far away from our final goal – merely 2 more sessions left – and we shall start discussing soon what next! But before this, welcome to as always action-packed, picture-rich session report!

Other Combat Commander scenarios in our camping with Dave:#1 FatLipki#2 Hedgroves and HandGrenades#3 Bonfire of theNKVD#4 Closed forRenovation#5 Cold Front#6 Paralyzed from the West Down#7 Bessarabian Nights#8 Breakoutdance#9 Rush tocontact

So what we played this time? #10 Commando Schools – another Attacker-Defender scenario, which features large lake, splitting the map in half and creating two parallel approach…

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