Founders of Teotihuacan Coming from Board & Dice in May 2022

Sometimes it pays to be on email lists.

And sometimes it doesn’t (I’m looking at you, you US Special Forces operative who keeps promising me a fortune in stolen loot but never answers my email responses!).

But this time it did!

Today’s Inbox contained the formal announcement of a new game from Board & Dice which has the spirit of the awesome Teotihuacan without being a sequel.

Founders of Teotihuacan is a tile-laying game designed by Filip Głowacz with artwork by Chuy de Leon, Odysseas Stamoglou and Aleksander Zawada.

Images taken from the game announcement email from Board & Dice

This looks really interesting! The artwork looks amazing, definitely keeping the feel of Teotihuacan and yet being fairly different.

The game takes place prior to the time period of the first game (duh, you’re a Founder! Of course it does) where players are attempting to build the entire city.

Let’s blurb this (from the email):

“In Founders of Teotihuacan, 1 to 4 players compete to create the best-designed city of Teotihuacan. Over the course of three or four rounds, players place their disks on Action spaces, forming towers of varying strength, and perform Actions that allow them to build Temples, Buildings, and the Pyramid central to their vision of Teotihuacan. Once the eclipse comes, all designs are assessed—and the player who scores the most points wins.”

The BGG page has a much deeper description on it, so I suggest going to check that out.

Let’s be clear. This is a standalone tile-laying game. It’s not a sequel, expansion, or anything like that, to the original Teotihuacan game.

I’m a fan of tile-laying games, so I’m really interested in this one.

In fact, I’m going to go download the rules right now!

This is one I’m greatly looking forward to, and it looks like it will be available in May 2022 (assuming there are no shipping issues, of course).

The BGG page says the game takes 45-60 minutes, so maybe this qualifies as a lunchtime game?


What do you think of this? Is it me or is this just really pretty?

Are you interested, or just a “wait and see” type of response?

Let me know in the comments.

4 Comments on “Founders of Teotihuacan Coming from Board & Dice in May 2022

        • I may not get one either if the guy who gets tons of new games stops coming to our game days. 😦

          He hasn’t been since we came back. I’m hoping that’s just temporary.


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