Wingspan: European Expansion Coming to the App

(Edit: 5/9/22) – And here’s the review of it. It’s great!

(Edit: 5/5/22): It’s here! Looks good so far, but watch this space (or this blog!) for a review of it in the upcoming days.

(Edit: 4/12/22): The release date has been announced! You can get this expansion on May 5, 2022.

Watch the release date trailer below:

(Now back to the original post)

I love getting fresh news just when I’ve decided I wasn’t going to post anything for the day!

Monster Couch, developer of the really great (if sometimes frustrating for online play) Wingspan app (reviewed here), just announced that the European expansion will be coming to the app soon.

Watch the Announcement Teaser here:

What does the European expansion add?

The expansion adds a bunch of new birds from the European continent (strange how that works), some of which have new abilities.

Some birds have round end abilities, which give you bonuses or effects at the end of the round instead of when activated. Some increase the interaction with other players, and some benefit from having excess food.

The boardgame was designed by Elizabeth Hargrave with artwork by Ana Maria Martinez Jaramillo, Natalia Rojas and Beth Sobel and it was published by Stonemaier Games in 2019.

The bird with the blue banner has an end of round ability

I’ve played with them once, and they have nice abilities.

I am really excited about this and can’t wait to bring you more news about it. The game itself is good, but this expansion makes it even better.

More to come!

6 Comments on “Wingspan: European Expansion Coming to the App

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  2. We have the EE for the physical game, so definitely upgrading the digital! But hot damn they need to add a friends list already. It’s such a pain to invite and manually type in the name every time we start a new game.

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