Undaunted: Stalingrad Coming From Osprey Games

Two posts today (One coming later)! I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to post this one.

I saw on Twitter today that another entry in the Undaunted deck-building wargame series designed by David Thompson and Trevor Benjamin is going to be coming this Fall.

Undaunted: Stalingrad will take the game to the carnage of this Soviet city as the German army and the Soviet hordes fight it out in the rubble.

I have yet to play the series though I do have Undaunted: North Africa (stupid COVID!).

According to the blog post on the Osprey site, it’s going to be pretty massive too, at least in content if not in length (still 45-60 minutes!)

Game designers David Thompson & Trevor Benjamin said, ‘We’re very excited about the release of Undaunted: Stalingrad. We’re digging deep into the storied Battle of Stalingrad, a key battle not only for the Eastern Front but the entire Second World War, and we’re doing it with a massive box full of content unlike anything Undaunted fans have seen before. We’re introducing new units, actions, and ways to interact with the environment. What we’re most excited about though, is that we’ve created an integrated campaign, where the results of each scenario impact the rest of the campaign’s rich narrative and will set the stage for scenarios to come.'”

It sounds like you will be able to change how the setting looks each scenario of the campaign depending on what you do in the current scenario. Maybe a building will be demolished and stay demolished next scenario?

Did I say massive?

I meant massive.

The game’s going to come with 375 cards and 129 tiles (I think North Africa comes with, like, 25-30 tiles, but I don’t have the game with me).

The Integrated Campaign sounds really fun and it’s cool that they are still keeping each scenario to around an hour. Perfect for a lunchtime campaign!

(Sorry, Vicki).

Keep an eye here and on the Osprey web site for more information as this game moves along.

Are you as excited as I am?

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