Evil Genius Productions To Launch New Take on d20 RPG System

Dude Take Your Turn is not a role-playing game (RPG) blog, but I did receive a press release that I think is very important to highlight.

From what I understand, the d20 RPG system is coming upon its 20th anniversary this year and Evil Genius Productions is celebrating by releasing a “fresh take” on the venerable system.

From the Evil Genius press release:

Evil Genius Productions LLC, a black-owned game publisher, today announced that it will launch a modern-day roleplaying game called “Everyday Heroes™” — based on the d20 Open Gaming License and the Fifth Edition System Reference Document to create a fresh take on the twenty-year-old game.”

The new system will be called “Everyday Heroes” and will be on Kickstarter later this year.

What’s really cool is that the revamp will include one of the original developers, Jeff Grubb.

““It’s exciting to revisit the d20 system I helped design 20 years ago,” said Grubb. “How we think about game design has evolved significantly so this is a great opportunity to bring concepts of the ‘d20 Modern’ game into the fifth edition era for today’s players.”

Like its spiritual successor, “EveryDay Heroes” starts with key “d20 Modern” elements such as the basic classes — the strong hero, the fast hero, the tough hero, the smart hero, the dedicated hero, and the charismatic hero — but builds on this convention by introducing several new subclasses, a new wealth system, and a fully revamped chase mechanic. Grubb continued, “Our goal is to use ‘d20 Modern’ as inspiration, not duplication.””

I do love the concept of RPGs and I wish I had the time (and the people around me) to play with them somewhat. Since I don’t, that’s why I don’t cover them.

However, this is important for two related reasons.

The first reason is in my first quote above.

Evil Genius Games is a black-owned company. In this day and age where racism and other social ills still permeate the board game and RPG industry, it’s important to highlight black creators. I’m glad Boardgame Geek is doing a spotlight of black board game industry people every day this month.

Which brings us to the second reason.

February is Black History Month. Yet another reason that it’s important to highlight the work that has been done by black creators.

I also encourage you to go to the Evil Genius Games site and find out more about what they’re doing with the revamped d20 system.

It definitely does sound exciting.

If I was playing RPGs, I would definitely be jumping on this to see what’s happening and check out what is new in the system.

It sounds intriguing, and I wish them all the best with the Kickstarter launch when it happens.

I’ll be sure to let you know when it’s coming (hint, hint, Dave!).

Evil Genius Games was formed in 2021 to produce modern RPG systems. I know this is a big endeavour for them but hopefully in the future they will be able to branch out to even further systems (or, since I really know nothing about RPGs, maybe there will be enough in the new d20 system to keep them going for years to come!).

Check them out, keep an eye on them, and if you’re into RPGs, go ahead and back Everyday Heroes when it comes out.

You can also follow them on Twitter like I do, and then you’ll always be updated when something new is announced.

Are you an RPG gamer? If so, let me know what I’m missing in the comments below.

And keep an eye on these Evil Geniuses.

I know you’ll be hearing a lot more from them in the future.

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