Space Base – The Mysteries of Terra Proxima coming April 15

Sorry for the long delay on posting. Regular service will be returning soon.

Today I saw the announcement on Twitter that the next “saga” expansion for one of my favourite games, Space Base (designed by John D. Clair and published by Alderac Entertainment Group), is coming to your local game store on April 15. This would be The Mysteries of Terra Proxima.

The “saga” expansions (like The Emergence of Shy Pluto) can almost be considered “story” expansions where you unlock cards as you go along.

The cards can then be used in regular Space Base games, so it’s not like a legacy or campaign game where you are going to be destroying cards or anything like that.

In fact, assuming it’s like Shy Pluto, you could just unwrap all the cards and use them in your regular games without worrying about it.

I really enjoy that kind of expansion, though I haven’t had the chance to play Shy Pluto yet. One day soon, since it’s a lunch time game for work!

Let’s blurb this a bit just to pad my word count (because you know it’s all about the word count):

“Merging the power of Shy Plutonium with new starship technologies has allowed the U.E.S. Science Corps to reach the distant stars of Alpha Centauri, and discover the planet Terra Proxima. Strange ruins and vast fields of fungi cover much of the planet. Eager for knowledge, the U.E.S. authorizes colonization!”

I’m really looking forward to this one!

If you want to see what I think of the main Space Base game, check out my review.

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