Smash Up: Disney Edition Coming Soon

Why does all of the interesting news happen on days where I’ve already done a post?

On the heels of last year’s (was it only last year? COVID has made time kind of wonky) Smash Up: Marvel Edition, The OP and Alderac Entertainment Group have announced the next collaboration between the two game companies: Smash Up: Disney Edition.

Designed by Paul Peterson, this is another edition co-published by AEG & The Op that looks…very interesting, based on the cover.

Hell, they’ve already stated what factions are going to be in it (I think that’s what the product description shows):

“In Smash Up: Disney Edition, players will choose two decks of fan favorite Disney factions and combine their powers to take over Bases, earn the most Victory Points, and win! Choose from Frozen, Big Hero 6, Wreck-It Ralph, The Lion King, Mulan, Aladdin, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Beauty & the Beast to create the most exciting team-ups imaginable!”

I’m not as familiar with the Disney stuff as I am with Marvel, so it will be interesting to see how these characters (not minions!) and factions work.

Colour me intrigued, though.

The rulebook’s already available (PDF), so hopefully this means this will be coming soon.

And the rulebook does reveal some interesting stuff!

It even mentions “Base Mats” to help you keep track of power on the base and showing what sides players should play their cards on.

Will that be in the set as well? I assume so, and this is so cool! How long did it take to get stuff like this?

No word on when this is going to be coming out, but rest assured I will be letting you know when it does.

(Edit: here’s a picture from the OP official release that shows how it will all look on the table!)

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