Roll Player App Enters Early Access on Steam

One of my favourite games that I didn’t know I liked that much but the pandemic brought it more to my attention (I know that’s kind of a limited category) was Roll Player, the dice-placement game designed by Keith Matejka with artwork JJ Ariosa, Vincent Dutrait and Luis Francisco.

The game is ostensibly about rolling up an RPG character and getting points for doing it well.

I loved it so much that I did a review for it (and its two expansions).

One of my dreams was to see a digital implementation of it at some point.

And now it’s here!

Kind of.

All pics are from the Steam page

Today is the day that the digital implementation enters Early Access on Steam, but there are some parts that will be coming later.

As one of the developers, Josko Mikulicic, said on Boardgame Geek yesterday:

“I am happy to announce that everything is set for the early access release tomorrow, May 20, on Steam. We are now starting to work on online multiplayer. iOS and Android releases should follow soon after that.”

So far, the game will have the solo version of the game from the actual boardgame and not an AI (they’ve said that an AI would be too complicated to program) and local multiplayer.

As Josko says, they will be implementing online multiplayer and an iOS/Android release at a later date.

At least it’s not one of those “if sales warrant, we might do it” kind of things.

In fact, according to statements on their Discord, iOS testing is currently underway.


I’m actually really excited about this, though it won’t be as useful to me until online multiplayer is available.

When online multiplayer is released, it will be both synchronous and asynchronous, which will be amazing!

It released today so head on over to Steam and check it out.

Are you as excited as I am?

Let me know in the comments.

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