My Year in Gaming – So Far

Just a fun little Sunday night post to share with you my year in gaming so far.

Little surprise that Jump Drive is #1 as it’s such a quick game. I even have a review of it posting tomorrow!

The large number of Space Base games is mainly due to the two Saga expansions (Shy Pluto and Terra Proxima) that we’ve been working through at work on lunch breaks.

I’m particularly proud of getting Clank in Space and Ark Nova to the table 4 times this year, though. Ark Nova is such an amazing game.

Storm Above the Reich is also no surprise given my ongoing campaign. The Mission #20 post should go up this week if everything works out.

So how has your year been so far? I already know Clio’s but what about the rest of you?

I hope your Summer is going well and you’re getting everything you want out of it.

And thanks to the wonderful Boardgame Stats app for letting me share this picture!

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