Fright Night Shots: Multiple Video Games?

Sorry for the lax posting recently. I just bought a gaming computer that can play all of my Steam games, including ones that need more oomph than the computer that I had, and I’ve been sidetracked by playing those instead!

This includes Metro: First Light, an older game but one my other computer wouldn’t run.

Anyway, I have a question that I wanted to ask you on this Friday night.

When you play video games, and you’ve just bought multiple shooters or other games that have progression, do you play one game at a time?

Or do you alternate between them?

What I mean is that I just bought Metro: Last Light along with Borderlands 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 and Outer Worlds. All of these games have long campaigns.

Are you the type who plays multiple games?

Or do you finish one game before going onto another?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Maybe you only buy one game at a time so you finish a game before you buy another.

But maybe not!

How do you do your video games?

Let me know in the comments.

And I promise that more boardgame content will be coming next week.

I still need to do my “New to Me: August” post, which will be coming soon.

10 Comments on “Fright Night Shots: Multiple Video Games?

  1. How do I do my video games? Serially. But I don’t play/buy a lot of them – last time I played one was a year ago. Then I’d devote some hours every week to my burgeoning Baltic trade empire over two months or so.

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  3. I’ve been alternating between Regiments, the first new MicroProse game I’ve bought since the 1990s, albeit this is from the “new” Australia-based MicroProse than from the original Maryland-based one, and Killerfish Games’ Cold Waters. I tend to play new-to-me games a lot till I get good at them, then I move on to the next new one or play older ones at random.

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    • I can see that. I think part of it is the story-driven games and not wanting to be in two stories (or campaigns) at the same time. Games where you are playing scenarios, it’s a bit different (though I do try not to play too many at the same time.

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