Maglev Metro From Bezier Games Coming Digitally on October 3

(Edit – 10/5/22) – Designer Ted Alspach has confirmed that the online play for this is synchronous and not asynchronous.

Maglev Metro is a popular game that has always kind of intimidated me.

It was designed by Ted Alspach and published by Bezier Games.

In it, players are building subway tracks , pick up and deliver passengers around the underground, and building up your action engine by adding robots to your player board.

It seems (from what I’ve heard) to have some similarities to Age of Steam in that “lay track, move things from one place to another” type of feel, and I don’t really include those games in my comfort zone.

But it looks amazing and is highly regarded by a lot of people.

Well, come October 3, I can try it out for myself because Maglev Metro is coming to mobile devices then!

Yes, it will be available on iOS and Android devices on that date.

That’s only a week away!

The game will come with the two maps from the main game: Berlin and Manhattan.

If it does well enough, hopefully the new maps that have come out since then will also be added to it.

I’m excited by this because I would love to try this game out. It sounds great.

Not only that, but you can either play it solo, against AI opponents, or against your friends.

The announcement didn’t say whether the “against your friends” was online and if it is, whether it will be asynchronous.

Since the turns don’t seem that interactive, I don’t know why it wouldn’t be asynchronous, but who knows?

I guess we will find out on October 3.

Have you played Maglev Metro? What do you think?

Let me know in the comments.

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