New Colt Express Expansion Coming in 2023

In Friday’s post about new to me games for September, I mentioned that I really enjoyed Colt Express even as I said the newer Colt Super Express wasn’t really that great.

Lo and behold, the universe is listening to me because I just saw an announcement that a new Colt Express expansion is coming from Ludonaute Games! (or course, this was announced on October 14 and has actually been talked about without a date for the last 6 months, but I missed it, so it’s still news to me…)

Colt Express is the train-robbing programming game where players are individual bandits with special abilities trying to get the most loot from the train that they are all on. Playing cards into a pile in turn order that will then be executed in the same order, requiring you to think ahead.

Colt Express: Couriers & Armored Train is coming to Europe in November and to North America sometime in 2023.

What does this expansion add to this already chaotic game?

Well, first an armored train!

This picture is from the announcement page.

A second 3-D train will be added to the game with special cars along with two new bandits with their own unique abilities.

The expansion will also add a team mode, where you can either have betrayal or just a straight team-up.

It also will add a new action to your choices: Nudge.

Nudge will allow you to give a teammate a basic action card to use on your turn, however they see fit. Hopefully they’ll do what you’re nudging them to do.

The two new bandits are Twinzz and Misty.

Twinzz are, well, twins (Editor – “It’s amazing how fast you picked that up”). Instead of playing a card face down whenever a tunnel comes up, they instead have to play two cards face up.

Misty is even cooler, letting you play the bullets that inevitably end up in your deck as punches. As long as you’re in the same space as somebody else, that’s great!

The expansion will also include an AI bot (Il Professore) to allow you to play with an odd number of players.

No word yet on what the special cars on the armored train will do, or how you get from one train to the other (I assume it’s similar to jumping on the stagecoach).

I haven’t played this game in a while and still haven’t used the Marshall expansion, but this one definitely is on my radar.

However, there’s no way it’s going to fit in the base game box. Mine’s already packed to the gills (and I think I’ve had some overflow into one of the smaller expansion boxes).

Maybe I’ll get this out on the table again soon.

What do you think of this announcement?

Let me know in the comments.

3 Comments on “New Colt Express Expansion Coming in 2023

  1. Interesting news! I enjoy Colt Express, but given that I play it about once per year, I feel the base game is still quite sufficient for me… even though the new bits look very nice!


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