Wingspan: Oceania Expansion Coming to Digital

It’s nice when you look at your email inbox and find some welcome news instead of the usual spam and people bothering you about things you don’t care about.

But sometimes you get something cool.

Like the email from Monster Couch that says the Oceania expansion is coming soon to their digital implementation of Wingspan!

Yes, that’s right. Another expansion, and this time it’s one I haven’t played before.

The Oceania expansion adds a host of new birds and gameplay mechanics to the game.

There’s the wild resource, Nectar and new player boards that will accommodate it. Nectar can be used as a wild resource, but it also counts as points when you consume it.

There are also birds with yellow game end powers (like the Little Pied Cormorant above). That can be a pretty powerful one!

There’s a bunch of other stuff, but this is just a taste.

When’s it coming out?

We don’t know!

But it will be cool to finally play it when it does, as I haven’t had the chance to play it on the table yet.

Here’s the Youtube teaser for it if you’re interested.

It’s going to be released simultaneously on all platforms (Steam, iOS, Android, Xbox, Nintendo Switch). You can put it on your Steam wishlist here.

What do you think of this announcement?

Let me know in the comments.

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