Underworld Expansion Coming to Digital Root

It’s been a light week here at Dude Take Your Turn (sorry about that), but I saw this pop into my email yesterday and I knew I had to talk about it.

The wonderful digital version of Root (published by Dire Wolf Digital) is getting its fourth expansion, The Underworld, on March 30.

All pictures in this post are from the Dire Wolf news entry

What is Root?

It’s a game of asymmetric warfare among anthropomorphic animal species for control of the woodlands (or I guess with this expansion maybe a lake or a mountain). It was designed by Cole Wehrle with art by Kyle Ferrin and published by Leder Games in 2018.

The base game was already good, made even better with the Riverfolk expansion.

I’ve at least played with these in my one play on the table.

I have no experience with the Underworld expansion at all.

Which means I’m really looking forward to it!

There are two new factions in Underworld.

The Underground Duchy is attempting to bring order to the Woodland above, trying to end the endless chaotic fighting.

The Corvid Conspiracy, on the other hand, uses terror and cunning plots to take control.

I know my friends who have played with this expansion a lot (hi, Michal!) can tell you even more about them.

There are even two new maps!

Here is the mountain map, and there’s also a beautiful lake map as well (check out the news post for that one).

The expansion will also add an Advanced Setup option, allowing players who own 6 or more factions (so essentially at least one major expansion) to draft and setup factions.

Even better, as long as the player who sets up the game has them, players who join them don’t even have to have the expansions.


Another bonus that Dire Wolf always seems to do is that the expansions are all cross-platform.

If you buy it on iOS, you will have it on Steam as well. It will also be coming out on Android and Nintendo Switch, of course.

All this and more is coming your way on March 30.

Hell, maybe I should probably review the app itself one of these days.

Nah…why should I do that?

Are you as excited about this as I am?

Let me know in the comments.

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