Shards of Infinity: Saga Collection Coming Soon from Stone Blade

(Edit: 5/2/23) – Received an update in the emails that has a bit more information. And a picture!

Looks like the trackers will be updated (thank God!) along with new card art, all promos and all expansions. Will have to see if there’s any actual new material in the game, though.

That being said, I never bought the Shadow of Salvation expansion, so my decision will be a little harder.

And the box looks to be now a standard game-sized box, which isn’t bad.

Now back to the original post!

One of the more exciting deck building card games that I’ve played is Shards of Infinity (and its two expansions).

There’s just something about the game that’s attractive. It’s not hugely bloated with expansions, but the expansions it does have are very useful (including fixing one of my main problems with the base game).

Now Stone Blade Entertainment has announced something really cool, or at least the idea of it is cool.

The Shards of Infinity: Saga Collection will be coming to Kickstarter sometime in the near future.

There is literally nothing else announced about it, other than the fact that it will contain new promo cards, “added gameplay” (whatever that means) and “improved components.”

I found this really amusing after my mini-rant about Big Box games last Friday, considering this is, in a sense, a big box.

However, depending on the announcement, there are a few reasons why I might consider this one, or at least an “upgrade pack” if they offer one.

First, the current storage for this game is horrendous.

Because of the player trackers and the amount of cards in the game plus the expansions, I still have to use all three boxes for the game.

One box just for those!

There are so many cards that I actually need the other two boxes for those.

Deck boxes would be great for this if it wasn’t for the trackers (and yes, I know you can just make up something yourself).

Secondly, because the boxes aren’t that big, even a “big box” that stores everything would not really be that big.

Or it shouldn’t be, unless they’re adding a ton of new crap as well.

The new gameplay options could be really cool.

Or they could be a dud.

We’ll see!

Finally, upgraded components hopefully means new player trackers, which are unwieldy and too prone to having the dials just randomly turn to some other value if you bump them.

Either that, or they’re so tight you feel like you’re going to break them.

There’s really no middle ground.

Hopefully there will be an upgrade option for those who already have everything.

Because that’s another of my major complaints about typical big box campaigns.

So I am following this Kickstarter and we’ll see what Stone Blade offers.

Maybe I will be backing a new “big box!”

And yes, that too.

I’ll update this post once the Kickstarter goes live and there’s more information.

Or maybe there will be so much I’ll do another one.

We’ll see!

4 Comments on “Shards of Infinity: Saga Collection Coming Soon from Stone Blade

  1. I’ve never re-bought a game I’ve sold, but I’m afraid this might make me consider it. I really enjoy Shards and played over 100 times digitally, but my group at the time bounced off of it. (This was only the core set.) The group has had a lot of changeover since then and has some people who would be more apt to like a free for all… hmm…

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    • It is a great game! I have 2 ongoing app games, but it’s also come out many times on lunch at the office. It’s just so much fun.



    I have bought every expansion, and I am still going to buy this.
    It will be worth it for the storage alone, but redesigned score cards? Yes please.

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