Architects of the West Kingdom – Storage Solution from Folded Space

I’ve already talked about the Viscounts of the West Kingdom storage solution from Folded Space, and how much better it is than the actual Collector’s Edition insert.

For some reason, the Garphill Games inserts that came with the Collector’s Editions are just terrible as far as gameplay goes.

They’re great for storage!

But if you want to actually get the game on the table, they’re pretty rubbish.

Enter Folded Space, and their solutions for all of the West Kingdom games.

I recently put together the Architects of the West Kingdom storage solution and it is amazing.

So easy to get the game to the table!

I will be testing that out this today, possibly.

Let’s take a look at it.

As with the Viscounts storage trays, the emphasis on this Folded Space insert is useability when playing.

Everything is removable to put on the table!

One one side are the trays to hold cards and silver. Those are essentially two layers high, so there won’t be anything on top of them.

On the top are also the trays to hold other cards.

In the center, there are three player trays as well as all of the major resources and the debt/Black Market cards.

On top of the edge trays are the compartments for wood (there is a lot of wood) and the Wonders from Works of Wonder.

This is along with a space for the Princess and the Profiteer from that same expansion.

I actually ended up putting that tray on the bottom, with the card tray on top, because the wood resources did tend to move around if you shook the box.

But that’s easy enough to fix.

On top of the three player component compartments are the next three player compartments (yellow, red and green in mine).

The player boards go above the resources/small card trays, fitting perfectly.

This is a perfect height to include the board.

Finally, putting the Influence board, new Guild Hall board and the other player aids fills it right up to the top.

This solution goes right up to the box lid so there is no danger of having things go all over the place when tipping the box onto its side or anything like that.

I really am a fan of this solution because it fits everything great into the box yet is so accessible when getting the game onto the table.

The silver trays will also hold the upgraded metal silver tokens if you have that as well.

I really am impressed with this one. Folded Space has hit it out of the park again.

The only thing that’s a little questionable are the card trays, because they look like they’re built to accommodate expansions (the trays would fit a lot more cards than there are in the game) even though Garphill has said there won’t be any more expansions.

However, if the reason for that is because it fits into the box snugly without things flying around all over, I’m good with that.

It’s also remarkably easy to put together (though I managed to actually put together a couple of the trays wrong so that what was supposed to be on the outside is actually on the inside, but that’s on me, not them). Just a bit of glue and probably just over an hour of gluing time.

And then it has to sit for 24 hours before you actually use it, to let the glue settle.

This will make the game so much easier to put out.

Look at this Garphill storage insert!

It’s great for storing, but all of those deep wells and the inability to split them all up makes it very hard to get to the table.

The other issue is that there is no place for the score sheet in the box.

But with the Garphill scoring app, you really don’t need that scoresheet anymore.

So I just tossed it.

Good thing paper is recyclable!

What do you think of this one?

Or the game itself?

Let me know in the comments.

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