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Book Series Recommendation – “Peter Ash – The Drifter” by Nick Petrie

The Universe works in mysterious ways sometimes. Sometimes, the Universe is telling you that you need to do something, or read something, or whatever, and it will get you there in the most convoluted way possible. This is how I come to recommend a… Continue Reading “Book Series Recommendation – “Peter Ash – The Drifter” by Nick Petrie”

Blog in Review – 2020

Welcome to 2021! 2020 was a very hard year, not just as a boardgamer but as a person in general. The arrival of COVID-19 and extreme measures taken to counteract it have really taken a toll on me and Dude Take Your Turn in… Continue Reading “Blog in Review – 2020”

New to Me – December 2020

It’s the end of December and 2020 has been a really cruel and wicked year. However, one benefit of all of this is that I’ve played a lot more games with my wife than I had in the past. She graciously volunteered to play… Continue Reading “New to Me – December 2020”

New to Me – June 2020

It was a month of horror in the Dude Take Your Turn household in June. Not because of anything bad, and certainly nothing virus-related. It’s just that 2 of the 4 new games played this month have to do with Ancient Evils trying destroy… Continue Reading “New to Me – June 2020”