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Friday Night Shots – Score Sheets for Games

Welcome to the first of what could be a series of posts, or might just be a one-shot. Basically, it’s Friday night, I’ve had a couple of drinks, and maybe it’s time to visit a pressing issue in the boardgame industry. Or maybe I… Continue Reading “Friday Night Shots – Score Sheets for Games”

Review – Fantasy Realms

Sometimes for dinner you just want a big, juicy steak grilled to perfection with a mashed potato, something that you can savor for a long time while you’re enjoying good company and a glass of wine. And sometimes you just want a few White… Continue Reading “Review – Fantasy Realms”

New to Me – July 2019

July was vacation month. I was off the entire month and was away from my normal game group for half of the month. Thus, it’s not surprising that I only played two “new to me” games in July. But tell that to the rabble… Continue Reading “New to Me – July 2019”