The Fantastic Four returns to Marvel Legendary!

I’m a big Marvel Legendary fan. Between enjoying the Marvel comics of my youth and then some awesome deck-building action, I’ve bought all of the expansions until the last one (I’m running out of room!) and it just feels so cool.


One of the small-box expansions that came out early in the Legendary list of expansions is the Fantastic Four expansion. Of course, these are required characters, as they are almost the first family of modern era Marvel Comics.

Then rights issues hit, in the sense that Marvel Comics had sold movie rights to the Fantastic Four to the Fox movie studio and there have been issues involved in Marvel not wanting to do anything with them. They prevented Upper Deck Entertainment from reprinting the expansion once it sold out, causing secondhand copies of it to go for $200+.

That has now changed.

It was announced late last week that Marvel has given Upper Deck permission to reprint this expansion.

And there was much rejoicing…

Except from those who were trying to make bucketloads of money from them.

Fantastic Four

I already have the expansion, so it doesn’t mean that much to me, but I’m very happy for new Legendary players to finally be able to get this expansion. It’s not an awesome expansion, but does add some cool mechanics. Especially the “Focus” ability, which lets you spend Recruit to do other things (maybe get more fight, maybe draw cards, or something else).

This keyword definitely needs to be used again in a future expansion.

And who doesn’t want to defeat Galactus?

Anyway, this should be appearing in stores in August sometime, and I encourage any Legendary fan who doesn’t already have it to pick it up.

What does mean for future expansions? Will Upper Deck be able to use some other villains/heroes who have been caught up in the Fantastic Four rights kerfuffle?

Mark Shaunessy from Upper Deck has said that being given permission to reprint is not the same as being given permission for new stuff, so it may mean nothing other than that the expansion will now be available.

Will it only be a one-time reprint?

One can hold out hope that maybe the rights issue is starting to disappear, so maybe some other cool stuff will be coming out.

Cross your fingers and hope for the best!

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