Smash Up – Big in Japan coming in August

I saw a post on Boardgame Geek talking about the Big in Japan expansion for the card game Smash Up, and for some reason I thought it was talking about how the game itself is quite big in Japan.

I didn’t even realize that’s the new expansion!

After quickly realizing my mistake, I went to AEG’s web site and saw all the juicy information regarding the new expansion, supposedly coming in August. This includes a link to the rulebook, which is great (though the pictures of the cards have all the wording on them smashed together, so I hope they fix that)


It looks like a really excellent expansion, along the same lines as all the other ones, of course. Fans of the game will love it, I’m sure.

I’m still unsure about Smash Up myself.

I bought this 2012 game a couple of years back and played it 2-3 times. It was a decent game, it was fun, and a bunch of people I respect have raved about the game.

But it didn’t seem to go over that well, and I’m not sure why. It has all the ingredients to be a kick-ass card game. I love the variability of all the different factions, and how you are basically combining two different “factions” into your deck to use.

So you can play with Trickster Wizards or Zombie Pirates, or many other combinations, just from the base game!

There are 11 expansions that usually add 4 factions each (except the Big Geeky Box which just has one faction, but also is the storage solution for this vast AEG card empire)

But it sat unplayed after those initial ones, and I actually did put it up in a Math Trade, but nobody took it.

After reading some more about a couple of the previous expansions, I decided to take another look at it. I didn’t play again (yet), but I did buy the Science Fiction Double Feature expansion and am anxious to try that out.

From the Science Fiction Double Feature expansion, not Big in Japan. Just in case you were wondering.

I’m not buying any more expansions until I get this one played a few times and see what I think.

That being said, the factions in Big in Japan look really cool, and I can see fans of the game salivating over it already. It changes up a few things, adding Titan cards that can be played, and it will be interesting to see how all of this stuff interacts with the other expansions, or even the core set factions.

Go go “Zombie Mega Troopers”!!!!!!

2 Comments on “Smash Up – Big in Japan coming in August

  1. I really like Smash-Up as a game; however, I only have one expansion pack so far. This announcement may change that fact as it looks awesome. Great post.


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