Race for the Galaxy App – Coming to Steam & Massive Update

I know I’m a bit behind. Sorry about that.

I’ve been too busy playing the Race for the Galaxy, from Temple Gates Games, app to actually write anything.

So consider this a couple of announcements that will make any fan of this game drool.

It’s coming out on Steam tomorrow, and it’s recently had a huge update that’s fixed almost every criticism I’ve had of it.

All in a span of two weeks. How can you go wrong with that?

RftG 1
Isn’t it so beautiful?

Playing this on the computer, assuming it’s optimized for the higher resolution and screen size, will make this app even more beautiful, I would think.

In my review for the app, I mentioned that one of the major problems with the game was that you couldn’t play your online games on separate devices. If you started a game on your phone, you had to continue to play it on your phone. You couldn’t see it on your iPad.

One of the things included in the recent update is that this is no longer an issue! You can link the app on separate devices and voila! They’re all there, in all of their glory.

RftG 2
It’s so easy to lose yourself in the backdrop

You should be able to do the same with your Steam version of the game as well.

The update also added multiplayer timers, so you won’t have dead games sitting there if your opponent decides that you’re beating his ass too hard.

Or, you know, dies or something.

For those masochists among my audience who have way too much time on their hands, they’ve increased the number of open games you can have to 36.

For those of you who have friends (unlike me), they’ve upped the friend allowance to 60 as well!

This is such a phenomenal game. I highly recommend you go and get it right now.

RftG 3
That’s a lot of cards…

Special thanks also to Theresa Duringer from Temple Gates Games for the media preview code for the Steam launch!

It’s the first time anybody has called me “media.”


It made my day.


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