Suburbia – Collector’s Edition Now Live on Kickstarter

Last week, I announced (along with probably every boardgame news and blog outlet out there, but I like to think I broke the story) (Editor – Indulge him. It can only help) that the Suburbia – Collector’s Edition was coming to Kickstarter.

Today’s the day!

The Collector’s Edition, designed by Ted Alspach and published by Bezier Games, is now live and there are a few more pictures to show you as well.


There are a lot more details to give you too.

Go to the original post to see some of the new tiles, including some from the new Nightlife Expansion that’s coming with the new edition.

But here’s a list of what’s going to be in this massive collection.

  • 254 Oversized Tiles
  • Recessed Borough Boards
  • New Artwork
  • 3 GameTrayz™ Organizers 
  • Tile Dispensing Tower
  • All Expansions 
  • Exclusive Nightlife Expansion
  • Oversized Start Player Marker
  • Metal Coins*
  • 63 Wooden Tile Markers*
  • Your choice of player colors*
  • Themed Tile Set Guide**Kickstarter Exclusives

The original post and press release showed the player board, but it didn’t really indicate how the recessed version of it will look.

Here’s a better shot of that.

suburbia collector's - player board

The recessed boards will be a godsend for those clumsy people who keep bumping the table.

How about the GameTrayz organizers?

suburbia collector's - tray

This is just one of them, but it looks like they’ll do a great job of keeping things organized. Though I hope at least one of them is bigger because this one doesn’t look like it holds that much. It just basically has the “standard” tiles without any of the other ones. But this one is for the pieces and money too.

Oh, the pieces? What’s that, you say? What are those?

How many times have you had to squint or ask your opponents how many airports they have? Or how many restaurants?

This edition will help with that.

suburbia collector's - pieces

Just put these on your tiles and it’s easy to count them up from across the table.

The game also comes with all current expansions (including the Con promo tiles) along with the new Nightlife expansion. At this time, there are no plans to produce Nightlife by itself for use with the old version. They would have to redo pretty much everything if they did that, as even if you are ok with artwork that doesn’t match, the tiles themselves are oversized to match the Collector’s Edition. They would have to produce smaller tiles with the expansion.

Which is certainly possible, and maybe they will if there’s enough clamor for it.

This is the one thing that doesn’t make me happy about this expansion. It would be nice to have the option of getting Nightlife without paying the price for everything else that I already have.

But it’s understandable.

And yes, “all expansions” does include the 5 Star expansion, which I (and many other Suburbia fans) really don’t like. One person on BoardgameGeek even said that he’s not even going to consider backing this unless somehow 5 Star is “fixed.”

I don’t see that happening either.

Is it worth it?

Suburbia – Collector’s Edition is $100 US on Kickstarter, so maybe it will be.  The Kickstarter says that this will save $30 off of the retail version, which just boggles my mind.

I’m certainly considering it. But I’m on the fence.

It did fund in a very short time and is already well over $100,000 (with a fairly small goal to begin with).

Take a look at the Kickstarter and let me know what you think of it.

Are you going to take the plunge?

Let me know in the comments.

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