Smash Up: International Incident Coming March 22!

(Edit – 12/20/19: For those finding this post some other way, the review is up!)

Long-time followers of this blog know how big a fan of Smash Up I am.

I’ve done tons of reviews for expansions (ok, three, but tons sounds better, doesn’t it?).

However, recent events have brought a few new followers (thank you for joining us!) who might not be aware.

This is not a Smash Up blog, so don’t worry. But there will definitely be some content about it.

(Smash Up is, incidentally, #27 on my Top list, so it won’t be appearing in any of those posts).

So imagine my giddy excitement when I saw the Alderac Entertainment Group announcement of the latest expansion coming on March 22.

It’s a never-ending train of Smash Up goodness!


World Tour: International Incident is the latest in the wacky saga designed by Paul Peterson.

World Tour International Incident

Does this look jam-packed with goodness or am I just biased?

(Editor – Do you really want an answer to that?)

The four factions all hail from different parts of the world, and judging by the card examples for three of them, they are going to be just as hilarious as usual.

There are the Mounties (Canada)

World Tour - Canada
But…but…we’re so peace-loving!!!

Then the Musketeers (France)

World Tour - France
I’m falling!!!!!

Then the Luchadores (Mexico)

World Tour - Mexico
Don’t want to meet this guy in a dark alley…or a wrestling ring.

And finally the Sumo Wrestlers (Japan) which hasn’t seen a picture release (that I’m aware of), but I love the description of them on BGG:

“the Sumo Wrestlers bulk up and throw their weight around, knocking their enemies away from the base.”

AEG has more World Tour plans, too.

The Summer will see a “World Tour Event Kit” for retail outlets that will see Smash Up sleeves as well as an exclusive Penguins faction (uh oh, somebody’s going to get pissed off).

Then in the Fall, World Tour: Culture Shock “features even more crazy fun from around the world, Smash Up style!”

Thankfully, I may actually have my review of the latest expansion, Oops, You Did It Again up on the blog before this comes out.

I hate not being current (Editor – Says the guy who’s still into Debbie Gibson)

3 Comments on “Smash Up: International Incident Coming March 22!

  1. Looks like it could be some more fun and a heck of a lot easier to wrap my brain around that dueling cowboys or burying Vikings (are they the ones that bury stuff – I forget now!) I wonder if the Canucks will say sorry to everyone!


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