Going Against Type – Bezier Games to Release CABO Card Game

Bezier Games is most well-known for tile-laying games like Suburbia or Castles of Mad King Ludwig. Or, even more recently, the incredibly variable One-Night series (like One-Night Ultimate Werewolf or One-Night Ultimate Alien).

Now, my world has just shifted off of its axis.

Cabo Box

Bezier has now announced the release a new version of the classic card game CABO designed by Melissa Limes & Mandy Henning back in 2010.


“Spy, swap, and peek to find CABO the unicorn while keeping the lowest amount of points possible to defeat your opponents! Rounds continue until one player reaches 100 or more points, the player with the lowest total wins!”

The game plays 2-4 players in around 45 minutes and has all new artwork for all 52 cards and is scheduled to release in April 2019.

CABO Card display

This seems really out of the ordinary for Bezier Games. Are they going to start branching out into card games now?

Maybe if this sells well, they will.

CABO Stand Up components

Either way, it’s an interesting diversion and I wonder how it will do for them.

At a $9.95 price point, I can see this selling well.

Hell, I might even check it out! Lunchtime card games?

I’m on it.

Check CABO out when it hits stores in April.

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