Raiders of the North Sea digital releases July 30!

The July vacation continues (what, you didn’t think I was avoiding posting for some other reason, did you?), but I couldn’t let this one pass when I heard about it.

Raiders of the North Sea is one of my favourite games of all time, and the news that it was coming out on digital at some point was really exciting!

But then all went dark and we didn’t hear any news.

Until yesterday, that is.


I haven’t been keeping up with things as much as I normally do while I’ve been away, but I think this is a surprise announcement.

Dire Wolf Digital announced that it will be coming out on Tuesday, July 30. My brain is a bit vacation-addled, but I think that’s next week!


It will be very neat to finally be playing this on my mobile devices and perhaps even on Steam (not sure if I’m going to double dip or not yet).

It will be coming to the following devices, though: iOS, Android, Steam, and Nintendo Switch.

No word on pricing yet. It’s available to wishlist on Steam right now if you want, but no price listed there either.

I’ll try and get a review up fairly quickly next week (along with some other stuff since I’ve, you know, been away for almost a month).

What do you think of this game? Will you get it on one of your digital devices?

Any other thoughts?

And now, back our regularly scheduled Oregon Coast sunset.


See you next week!

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