Epic Spells Wars Moves into Deckbuilding

Fans of the Epic Spell Wars series of card games designed by Matt Hyra and published by Cryptozoic Games have another reason to be excited this Fall.

Cryptozoic has announced the there will be a new deckbuilding version of the classic card game coming out later this year.

Epic Spell Wars: Annihilageddon is being shown at GenCon this week and will have a full September release.

Image from the linked press release
The game will utilize the Cerberus deckbuilding engine used in so many other Cryptozoic deckbuilders (Penny Arcade: the Deckbuilding Game or DC Comics Deckbuilding Game or others) and can actually be integrated with them if you want.

In the game, you are trying to become a more powerful wizard and cast nasty spells to take your opponent(s) down to zero hit points.

Just like the card game editions of this zany and chaotic world, death doesn’t mean the end. If you die, you will get a Dead Wizard card that may give you more benefits…or more bad things to happen.

The game plays 2-5 players and it looks like it’s going to be a madcap affair.

What do you think of this development? Are you in for another deckbuilder?

You can wait until September to decide, but then maybe you should check it out?



2 Comments on “Epic Spells Wars Moves into Deckbuilding

    • Thank you! And it is nice to be back to posting again. There was just too much news to have only one post a day, though I guess this one could have waited until Monday. 🙂


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