New Designer Diary out for Clank in Space: CyberStation 11

Just a quick news post (hasn’t been one of those for a while!) to give you more information on the exciting new Clank in Space (my #3 best game played of all time) expansion, Cyberstation 11.

From Evan’s blog post. Looks very cool!

Designer Evan Lorentz has posted to the Dire Wolf Digital page a lot of information on just how this expansion came about.

He talks about the design of the new board, the escape pod idea (executive escape pods become available once the rage meter hits a certain level, giving the would-be thieves a quicker, but less lucrative way to get off the station), and most fun of all, Cyberware!

Another pic from the blog. Really, go check it out!

Yes, that’s right. Those deck-building fans that are used to Constructions (Ascension), Bases (Star Realms) and the like will now have a possibility of playing something permanent in front of them in Clank in Space.

Cyberware can be played in front of you to have permanent effects (he mentions having to pay with power crystals somehow, but that will all come out in the rule book, I’m sure).

There will be new cards that aren’t Cyberware, of course.

Apparently, this will be coming out in November, and this looks like an amazing expansion.

I don’t think it can come soon enough!


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