Terraforming Mars – the Dice Game?

Regular readers of this blog know that I’m a huge Terraforming Mars fan. I’ve played that game almost 20 times now and it’s still just as fun as when I started playing it…ok, actually since the second time (my first time almost drove me away from the game, actually).

It can be a very long, very table-hogging game, and surprisingly I don’t mind that.

But would you play a shorter, condensed version of it using dice?

Over the weekend, I saw this video, a quick interview with designer Jonathan Fryxelius about a new version maybe (hopefully?) coming out next year: Terraforming Mars: the Dice Game. (Edit: It’s now on BGG so I’ve added the link)

Some would ask: were you really a Debbie Gibson fan when you were a kid? And I would answer: please stay on topic. Ask another question.

Then you might ask: Does Terraforming Mars really need a dice game?

There’s not a lot of information in the video (an interview from the Swedish Championship in Terraforming Mars), but it does show you a little bit of what the cards and dice might look like (it’s all in prototype form, so who knows what will change?).

Apparently the dice are going to be resources can be produced (heat, titanium/steel on one die, biological resources, etc) but there is little information on exactly what you are going to be doing with those dice or how the game will work.

Consider this post just a passing along of the announcement that this is planned (though not definite, so more of a hope) for next year by Fryx Games.

Distributed by Stronghold Games? Who knows yet? I would guess so, but I’m sure that can’t be confirmed yet.

In lieu of information, why don’t you provide me some? Do you think a dice game version of Terraforming Mars can be good? Or are you a dice-hating maniac? (there are only two choices, you know).

Let me know in the comments.

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