Don’t Viscount the West Kingdom Series – Next Game Revealed!

Edit (2/16/20) – The Kickstarter opens on March 3! I’m there first day. are you?

Edit (2/14/20) – The cover’s been revealed!!!!

Being the big fan of the West Kingdom series designed by Shem Phillips and S J MacDonald, I’ve been really salivating while wondering what the third title is going to be ever since I played the second, Paladins of the West Kingdom.

The wait is over!

In an announcement so low key that I’m not actually sure it exists, we’ve discovered that the third title is going to be Viscounts of the West Kingdom.

Low key is an understatement, as I don’t think I’ve seen anything official from Shem or Garphill Games. Not like a press release or anything. Maybe I missed it.


However, this title has shown up on Boardgame Geek and Shem has posted a couple of pictures (one linked above, but others are on the BGG page for you to look and marvel at) and the description sounds really intriguing!

Viscounts of the West Kingdom is set at a time when the King’s reign began to decline, circa 980 AD. Choosing peace over prosperity, our once strong King began offering our enemies gold and land to lay down their axes. But peace is a tenuous affair. As poverty spread, many people lost faith in his ability to lead and sought independence from the crown. Since finding favour in his courts, our future has also become uncertain. As viscounts, we must be wise and decisive. Loyalty is to be upheld, but gaining favour among the people must be our priority, should there be a sudden shift in power.

The aim of Viscounts of the West Kingdom is to be the player with the most victory points (VP) at game’s end. Points are gained by constructing buildings, writing manuscripts, working in the castle and acquiring deeds for new land. Players begin with a handful of townsfolk, but should quickly seek out more suitable talents to advance their endeavours. Each turn they will be travelling around the kingdom, looking to increase their influence among the various areas of society. The game ends once the Kingdom reaches poverty or prosperity – or potentially both!”

The cards look intriguing, and I can’t wait to get more information about this one.

I’ve heard (though can’t confirm yet) that the Kickstarter for this will open in March (like the other two games in previous years) and this is the only Kickstarter that I’m guaranteed to back first day.

Keep an eye on the blog for more information as I find it out!

(And yes, I know how “Viscount” is pronounced. It’s a visual pun, not a verbal one. Don’t @ me)

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