Rival Networks to hit Kickstarter on January 28

Gil Hova’s The Networks is in my Top 5 games played of all time (at least as of earlier this year) so I was kind of excited to hear about the 2-player version of the game, called “Rival Networks“.

Now it finally has a release date!

Well, not a release date exactly, but a Kickstarter campaign start date! (In this day and age, that’s often the best you can get).

Formally announced by Hova yesterday on Twitter and in his monthly email update, this 2-player version of the awesome game will see two players vying to run the best television network.

Rival Networks - TV Show

It will still have the zany TV show parodies that we all know and love from the regular game, but these will be even more current.

Is that the Mandalorian I see? Wow, I wonder what the name of the show will be?

According to the newsletter (really, you should subscribe), you can also help with playtesting the game and help edit the rulebook!

If you back it on January 28, you will also The Rival Networks: the Executives, a small module that will add a bit of asymmetry to the game.

Gil says that he thinks the game will probably run about $25 (give or take $5) plus shipping, which seems pretty reasonable.

As a fan of lunchtime 2-player games (the BGG page says 20 minutes, and I hope that’s right!), I will probably be on this as soon as it pops up (one of only two Kickstarter games in 2020 that I can see backing).

As news develops on this one, I’ll keep you posted!

In the meantime, you should really try The Networks, one of the best games I’ve ever played.

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