Dead Reckoning from AEG now on Kickstarter

A really quick post today because it’s a busy day.

Dead Reckoning, the pirate exploration and fighting game designed by John D. Clair with art by Ian O’Toole and published by Alderac Entertainment Group, is now on Kickstarter!

I got to play this at Dice Tower West and it is a phenomenal game. It’s another card-crafting game where you start with a number of cards in your deck and you will never get more.

Instead, you will be obtaining improvements for these cards that will make them even better.

You’re going to be sailing your ship around the board, establishing influence on islands that you’ve discovered, possibly attacking merchant shipping or other players!

But player-vs-player combat is not that punishing. You’ll just lose a few victory points and perhaps have to go back to the Harbor if you manage to get sunk. It’s not a brutal game by any means.


Battle is very cool, using a pirate ship cube tower to drop cubes and hope they land on places to do damage (or maybe even get you more stuff!)

I did a preview of our play of it that you can check out.

The Kickstarter will be adding (as add-ons) Saga expansions that will be a sort of campaign system that also looks pretty cool.

For $79 US you can get just the game. An additional $30 will get you the game plus the Daily Discovery add-ons, which includes the 1st Saga expansion.

You should definitely check out the Kickstarter, happening now. They’re almost to their goal already and it just opened a few minutes ago!

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