New Terraforming Mars-esque game from Stronghold Games?

Geoff Engelstein, one of my favourite game designers and people on Twitter (and also host of the Game-Tech segment on the Dice Tower podcast) was being mysterious the other day on Twitter.

“Hate to vague tweet, but got to playtest and see the final art for a top secret project from Stronghold. OMG! Y’all are in for a big treat…”

Then on December 15, he was able to reveal just a little bit more.

Let the speculation begin!!!!

What could this be?

A new game in the Terraforming Mars universe?

Terraforming Mars: the Dice Game? Not a huge stretch considering one of Engelstein’s latest games is Super-Skill Pinball: 4-cade, a roll and write game.

However, Engelstein later tweeted, in response to a tweet, that there would be no dice.

This is really intriguing, and I have to admit that I have no idea what it could be.

Some are hoping for Terraforming Mars: Legacy, considering Jacob Fryxelius and Stephen Buonocore (before he retired) have stated that their aren’t any plans for that at the moment.

This morning (after I finished writing this post but before it actually went live), Stephen Buonocore chimed in on Boardgame Geek saying that “It is something never before seen or heard…”

I literally have no idea what this could be, but I am intrigued as a huge Terraforming Mars fan!

And hell, it’s December and I could use some traffic so I’m opening this post up for speculation.

What do you think this could be?

How many of you would really like to kidnap Geoff, tie him to a chair in a dark room, and interrogate him until he spills all the beans?

Ok, scratch that. That’s wrong and we should all just be patient.

No matter how much we might want to.

I might have some handcuffs somewhere.

Let’s all discuss this in the comments.

What would you like it to be? What do you think it is?

And are you in on this Kickstarter sight-unseen?

Let me know!

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