Circadians: Chaos Order from Garphill Games to Kickstarter in 2021

(Edit: 10/19/21) – And it’s live! I was a Day 1 backer. The 2nd edition of Circadians: First Light is also available. Make sure you pay attention to that, as the first expansion for it will be using the 2nd edition art and stuff. There is a link to Shem’s statement on BGG on the Kickstarter page, explaining all of this.

(Edit: 9/27/21) – It’s been confirmed that the Kickstarter will launch October 19, with a 2nd edition of the first game as well! Or an update pack to update your original edition to the 2nd if you want to do it that way. Sign up to be notified here!

Here’s some news that I’m excited about, but actually forgot to post!

That was until Shem Phillips posted a new picture of it on Boardgame Geek, anyway.

The next game in the Circadians series from Garphill Games, Circadians: Chaos Order, will be coming to Kickstarter at some point in 2021 and it already sounds cool.

Yeah, the date of the tweet does show how delinquent I’ve been.

Yesterday, though, Shem posted this picture to the game’s BGG page:

Both pictures in this post were posted by Shem Phillips on Boardgame Geek.

Once again this looks incredible.

What does the game entail?

Let’s take a little look.

First, this is a standalone game, not an expansion to Circadians: First Light (which I did really enjoy my one play of).

Co-designer Zachary Smith (with SJ MacDonald) posted on BGG that it’s a “dudes on a map” game.

From the cards, it appears that you will be fighting for territory, but maybe also searching for stuff and perhaps scoring points for digging up valuable artifacts (looking at Ikryla’s card up a bit further with the red faction).

The reference to a “Combat Wheel” above is also really intriguing.

It sounds really cool, though if it’s a combat game I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to get it to the table (most of the time, my game group doesn’t do combat games).

But we’ll have to see!

I will definitely be taking a look at it when it hits Kickstarter later this year.

What about you?

Shem also revealed in an interview on BGG (and I think it’s been mentioned before) that an expansion to Circadians: First Light is also on the agenda for 2021.

A new Kickstarter? Who knows?

Did you like Circadians: First Light? Thoughts on this one?

Let me know in the comments.

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