Fury of Dracula from Nomad Games Comes to Mobile

Nomad Games has been very good to me, giving me review codes for many of their games, from Talisman to Talisman: Origins and then the old-time deduction game, Fury of Dracula.

Last week, Nomad Games brought Fury of Dracula to mobile devices, both iPad and iPhone (as well as Android, but I’m not an Android person, so suck on that).

After trying out the review copy that they sent me, I have to say that my review of the game itself is much the same as my original review of the Steam version.

This screenshot is from the iPad version of the game

Not much has changed as far as content goes so I think my review stands. It’s still a game that Nomad Games knocked out of the park as far as digital implementation goes, but a game that I really don’t care for that much. (Also, that review tells you how to play the game a bit, so check it out for that because you won’t get it here).

However, let me talk to you about what’s been added since that review (including the mobile versions).

First, to comment on the mobile versions, they are pretty much the same as Steam. Clicking on a space will let you move a character there, and you do have to confirm you want to go there. This prevents any accidental movement to where you don’t want to go. I find that very valuable.

The mobile version looks really good, though I haven’t tried it on the phone and I think it would probably be pretty small there. Maybe if you have a monster phone like my wife does!

The graphics are largely unchanged from the Steam version. They’re still very good, crisp and clean and easy to navigate.

Since my review, Nomad has added the full 5-player multiplayer experience. I haven’t actually tried this (it’s real-time so there’s no way I’m going to have an opportunity to), but if you have a game group that hasn’t met physically due to COVID, this is a great way to play the game.

From what I understand, it works pretty well. Since I don’t play live multiplayer, I haven’t tried it out, but I think it sounds really cool. Unfortunately, Nomad Games doesn’t seem to do asynchronous multiplayer, even when the game calls for it (*cough* Mystic Vale) so I guess we’ll never find out.

As I said in my review, it is a very cool game if you like deduction, and one of these days maybe I will try the live multiplayer (though only if I have a free afternoon).

Nomad Games once again comes through with a great adaptation of a boardgame. The app itself is wonderful.

If I enjoyed the game itself more, I would give it an even more whole-hearted endorsement.

Fury of Dracula is available on iOS (for $4.99) and Android (for $8.49 CDN, so I’m not sure what that translates to in US$).

It’s also available on Steam for $22.79 CDN (again, not sure what that translates to in US$).

Have you tried this out? What do you think of deduction games in general?

What about Fury of Dracula?

Let me know in the comments.

Thanks to Nomad Games for providing me an iOS key to try out the iPad version.

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