January 2023 Gaming

January 2023 was a great month for gaming, especially with OrcaCon and everything.

I’ve already told you about the new games I played, but here’s my month in review.

(Many thanks to BG Stats for the ability to do stuff like this!)

For me, 29 plays of 20 games in a month is much better than usual.

There are definitely some highlights for the month, in addition to the new to me ones (which since I talked about them in the earlier post, I won’t really mention them here, for the most part).

Here are the games in image style!

Ok, one of the highlights of the month, even though I did talk about it in the New to Me Games post, is finally getting Commands & Colors: Ancients to the table.

Many thanks to Bryan, a co-worker, who was willing to try this out for me. We have four scenarios done and a fifth is set up on my office table!

That’s a lot of Roman losses on the table behind the board!

However, of the “old” games of the month, I have to say that getting Dune: Imperium to the table again was a highlight. I have both expansions now, but since it had been a while and I had a couple of new players, we only played the base game.

In addition, I’ve been itching to play Vital Lacerda’s On Mars again since our play right before the pandemic started in 2020, but hadn’t had the chance to.

When it came up as a possibility at OrcaCon, I jumped at it. Even though part of me would have preferred to horn in on the game of Wayfarers of the South Tigris that was just being taught.

But I didn’t want to force it and they already had a group that was ready to play it.

Finally, a non-new highlight for me was Gizmos. I enjoyed it when I first played it, played it at Dice Tower West, but then didn’t touch it for a long time.

A few plays on Boardgame Arena and I was in love again.

Getting a chance to play it twice at OrcaCon was a real treat!

Of course, Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition is always a treat (one of these days, the expansions will ship!). Playing it three times (including once at OrcaCon with different opponents than usual) was definitely a lot of fun.

So what did you play in January?

Let me know in the comments.

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