Clank in Space – Storage Solution From Folded Space

I know I’ve done quite a few posts about storage solutions from Rails on Board/Cube4Me, but they’re not the only game in town.

For some games, what they offer isn’t quite sufficient, because there is literally a shit-ton of cards in them and big pieces (that’s a word…go look it up).

Games like one of my favourites, Clank in Space (no, no exclamation marks!), have too many cards and lots of bigger tokens.

My box was a literal mess when I was just having things in baggies.

Sure, I could hand baggies out to people with their stuff and then we could pile a whole bunch of other stuff on the table, in piles…sorry, too many piles in that sentence, which is what I have always said when trying to put this on the table!

I’ve always been leery of storage solutions that you need to assemble, mainly because I have the craftsmanship of an elephant.

After watching the “how to assemble our inserts” video from Folded Space, however, it looked remarkably easy.

Could this be beyond even my ability to fuck it up?

I decided to give it a try.

Did it work?

Let’s take a look.

This insert holds everything related to Clank in Space. This includes the Apocalypse, Cyber Station 11 and Pulsarcade expansions.

Folded Space is a boardgame insert company based in Bulgaria and they’ve done a bunch of inserts. I’ve bought two but so far only put this one together.

This may be a different insert than Clank in Space, but thanks to Vasilij at Victory Conditions for letting me use his pic! I forgot to take one

The pieces come in a number of flat boards ready to punch out and assemble.

All it takes is a little glue, but there’s a reason it’s so easy that even a Caveman can do it.

The instructions are crystal clear on what pieces you need to punch out of each board and put together.

After that, you assemble them dry and then unfold them, keeping all of the tabs basically together.

Put a line of glue along each edge and over each tab and then fold the pieces back in, pressing them together for a moment to make sure the glue takes hold.

For Clank in Space, you assemble the arcade machine holder first (in the back of the box in the picture below), which brings me to my one minor complaint about this specific insert.

There isn’t any space for the two big machines, which is fine. However, unless I put it together wrong, there is also one regular-size machine that doesn’t fit.

All three of these end up in the front tray with the Apocalypse scheme cards and they fit well there, but still.

The great thing about Folded Space inserts is that each tray is individually done which means you can pull them out of the box and use them as a tray to hold things on the table.

You can give each player their own tray with their pieces.

There is also one big tray with a divider for all of the market cards (back right). There’s also a tray where you can put the starter cards, Memory Cores, and two “everybody can take them” cards on the right in front.

On the second level, you have the money chips as well as the secrets, black cubes, etc.

What’s even more ingenious, though, is that you can put the main Eradikus board in between the two trays of starter cards, which locks in all of the stuff on the bottom.

Then there’s room for everything else on top of that board in that rectangle. That includes all of the modules, the Cyber Station 11 pieces, and things like that.

Everything fits so tightly that the game can actually be stored on its side with no problem.

I can’t wait to get this game onto the table again to see how well it all works in practice.

I took these pictures not just for the blog, but also because I want to make sure I get it all back in the right place when the time comes.

That’s what happens when you can remove most of the trays for use. You have to remember how it all fits.

Have you used Folded Space inserts before? What do you think?

Let me know in the comments.

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