Twilight Struggle: Red Sea Coming to Digital via Playdek on March 28

More news from the GMT February newsletter!

This one is exciting too, though not quite equal to yesterday‘s.

The newsletter also had the announcement from Playdek that the electronic version of the new lunchtime game Twilight Struggle: Red Sea lunchtime game (which I just finally picked up a few weeks ago and haven’t played yet) is coming to digital platforms on March 28!

Published on the table by GMT Games, this game is a quick-playing miniature version of the classic game, playable in a 45-60 minute time frame and focused solely on the Red Sea area of the world.

I’ve been looking forward to breaking this out but logistics has made it impossible so far.

Hopefully I’ll be able to do so prior to being able to play it on my iPad!

It’s Playdek so you know it will be good. They’ve done an excellent job with the Twilight Struggle app as well as Labyrinth: the War on Terror app.

I thought this would be a longer-term project. The fact that it’s coming out so soon hopefully means they will be able to start on that Imperial Struggle app or something else GMT-related!

It will be available to pre-order on Steam, iOS and Android on February 28, so you know I will be down on that one.

No word on cost, yet. I guess we’ll see when the pre-order page goes up.

This is exciting me as well.

You know a review of this baby will be coming at some point.

Let me know what you think in the comments, and whether we might be able to get a game in!

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