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(Edit – 2/25/23) – Kai Jensen confirmed on Boardgame Geek that the Minor Nations battle pack will just have updated scenarios with the new Minor Nations artwork on them. I’ve asked whether or not the Minor Nations counters will be the same as the Italian/French counters but with updated artwork, names, and leader names. I’m assuming that they will be or the scenarios would be really changed. But I’ll update here if that’s different

I was taking the week off (both from work and blogging) but then the GMT monthly newsletter came out and I had to share this excitement.

Remember from previous GMT updates the stuff about some news regarding Combat Commander?

Well, this news is big!

If you’re a fan of the game.

Even better if you’ve become interested in the game because of my ladder posts and couldn’t find the game to get started!

Both the base Combat Commander: Europe game and the two expansions for it (Mediterranean and Resistance) have been languishing on the P500 reprint list for quite a while. They’ve been impossible to find.

But now GMT Games has announced that they are issuing Combat Commander: Europe as it was always planned: both in the same master set!

I’m sure that’s not what the cover will look like

Yes, now you can order off the P500 list the new Combat Commander: Europe/Med. Master Edition for $99 US.

This set will combine both the base Combat Commander: Europe set as well as the Mediterranean expansion, giving new buyers a chance to own both.

I think that, back when this all came out, spending $100 on one game was kind of frowned upon, but in the current climate this is actually normal!

What’s really exciting too is that the new edition will include something for Mediterranean that has never been around before.

Scenarios in Mediterranean that included the Polish or the Finnish or Belgians (or maybe the Romanians) have always used French (or Italian) counters, including leaders. This meant that a scenario using the Polish would have a leader named “Picard.”

The new edition will instead have a Polish leader!

At least that’s what it sounds like.

I’ve asked GMT on Twitter whether or not the unit values will be different or if they will be the same (Polish units will be the same as French units but the right colour, for example).

I’ll edit this post when I get a response.

What happens if you already have everything but still want the cool counters and updated scenarios?

That’s where the Minor Nations battle pack comes in.

I don’t think this will be the cover sheet either…

For $22, you can buy a sheet of the new counters and the updated scenarios (ok, that doesn’t sound that great, but I am excited anyway).

Finally, what about those like me who have Europe but not Mediterranean? Or just have Mediterranean? Though that seems a lot less likely, unless you bought it because you found a great deal and knew you were going to get Europe at some point.

GMT is looking after you too.

They will also be doing reprints of Europe and Mediterranean for those who currently have them on P500 order. They will pretty much only print enough to satisfy those orders so get your order in today!

All of these are “nearly ready for production” so you need to get your orders in soon.

That means it hopefully won’t take 1-2 years to actually have these in your hands!

Going forward, you will only be able to get this product through the Master Edition, so if you are at all interested, you better get on the P500 now for them.

Here is the Combat Commander: Europe one and here is the Combat Commander: Mediterranean one so you don’t have to go looking for them.

I have to reiterate, though. If you don’t have either and want both, you should definitely go for the Master Edition linked above. That will be your best bet.

This is exciting news.

No mention of Resistance, so I don’t know what will be happening with that.

I hope that will be reprinted at some point but it’s also languishing on the P500.

Are you as excited as I am?

Probably not, but you can still let me know what you think of this.

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