Time of Crisis from GMT Getting a Deluxe Edition & Mini-Expansion

Even though I haven’t been able to get it to the table for quite a long time, GMT’s Time of Crisis (designed by Brad Johnson and Wray Ferrell) is still one of my favourite games.

I was just browsing Boardgame Geek this morning when I saw somebody post the exciting news that the game is getting a new Deluxe Edition with a mini-expansion to boot!

I’m assuming this will be officially announced in GMT’s April newsletter, so I’m sure I will be mentioning it again, but I wanted to do a quick post on it.

The deluxe edition will contain a consolidated rulebook which includes the expansion rules, as well as any known errata and a few minor rules changes as well.

It will also include updated Amphitheater tokens and Foederati cards (I’m not sure what that update would be, though I guess that could be one of the minor rules changes).

What’s really exciting is that there’s also going to be a new mini-expansion that includes 3 new types of improvements that you can build in your provinces.

(Sadly there are no pictures of the updated stuff yet)

So far there’s the Limes (slows down barbarian invasions), the Amphitheater (prevents Mobs in the province) and the Basilica (roll one extra die for each province you govern when you you’re attempting to place a governor in Italia).

What could these three new ones be and what strategies will they aid?

I can’t wait to find out!

In typical GMT fashion, they are looking after their customers.

For those of you (like me) who already have the game and both expansions, there will be an upgrade pack available on the P500 which will include the mini-expansion, updated rules, and updated counters/cards.

Every time I hear about this game, I want to get it to the table again.

I should look at doing that in the next few weeks.

It’s time to become emperor again!

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