Twilight Struggle: South Asian Monsoon Coming From GMT in 2024

(Edit: 4/18/23) This was not announced in this month’s newsletter, so I’m assuming it will be in the May one. Interesting that it’s already on BGG and a blogger is talking about it, though (not me, the blogger that GMT RT’d)

Lots of GMT Games news this weekend!

As I was looking up yesterday’s Time of Crisis post on Twitter, I saw another tweet that GMT RT’d talking about a new Twilight Struggle game coming out in 2024.

Probably not the actual cover…

Twilight Struggle: South Asian Monsoon is another game designed by Jason Carr and Jason Matthews that will make Twilight Struggle fans catch their breath.

Unlike the recently-released Twilight Struggle: Red Sea, though, this is not a lunchtime game!

It’s kind of in the middle.

The Boardgame Geek page for this (GMT doesn’t have it on their site yet) mentions that it will take 75-120 minutes to play. Not quite the length of its predecessor, but certainly not doable during a lunch hour.

However, this one will be a bit different than its predecessor (though it will be fully compatible so you can switch cards back and forth between them).

From the BGG page:

Twilight Struggle: South Asian Monsoon is intended to provide experienced players of Twilight Struggle with a new, more nuanced challenge. The nations represented in this game – in South Asia, the Indian Ocean and along China’s Asian periphery – are more remote and independent minded. All of the countries represented joined the Non-Aligned Movement. Unlike other parts of the globe, the United States and the Soviet Union can only project military force into the region with difficulty. In short, this is the region of the Cold War where nations felt emboldened to assert their independence and resist the bi-polar world that the superpowers had created elsewhere.

Twilight Struggle players will be asked to contend with newly independent countries, the relationship between the Non-Aligned Movement and increased tensions along the DEFCON track. The game incorporates a new system called “Engagement Actions” and players must plan with the future of China after Mao. The ability of players to master these new factors will be the key to victory in Twilight Struggle: South Asian Monsoon.

This does look really exciting. Depending on the size of the board and everything, it’s something that I could leave up in my office and do over two lunch hours, perhaps.

Either way, I’m really looking forward to this one.

That’s now two things that will probably be officially announced in the GMT Newsletter which will probably come out next week.

I wonder if there will be anything left for me to write about?

That’s a trick question. Of course there will be.

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