Terraforming Mars – Prelude 2 Expansion Coming to Kickstarter Soon

(Edit: 5/15/23) – More news about this from designer Jacob Fryxelius on Boardgame Geek.

He gave a breakdown of what’s going to be in this 54-card expansion, as follows:

If you play with all expansions (Venus, Colonies, and Turmoil): Use all the new cards (5 corporations, 25 preludes, and 24 project cards)!
If you use only Venus: 5 corporations, 19 preludes, and 7 project cards.
If you use only Colonies: 5 corporations, 19 preludes, and 3 project cards.
If you use only Turmoil: 5 corporations, 19 preludes, and 8 project cards.
If you don’t use any of those expansions: 5 corporations, 16 preludes, and 0 project cards.

There are 6 project cards that require 2 of the expansions (for example Venus + Colonies).

Sounds pretty good so far! He also mentioned that it will come to Kickstarter sometime in the next two months most likely.

Looking forward to seeing what’s all in there.

Now back to the original post.

Apparently, Terraforming Mars is getting one last expansion, something that will still fit in the Big Box (which I know you all love).

Called Prelude 2 (is that going to be its final name?), this expansion will include new project cards, 5 new corporations, ongoing Prelude effects, and Prelude cards that will focus on interacting with the other expansions.

That last one is what some people who own everything have been waiting for.

In addition, though, Fryx Games stated that there will be “a couple of other brand new TM-related items, among them a new promo pack, but also some secret new additions.”

Somebody on Facebook suggested that new Colony tiles would be great.

But who knows?

Thanks to BGG user Mak Vujanović for breaking this news on Boardgame Geek.

This is quite exciting as a fan of the game (though it has fallen a bit just because of the difficulty of getting it to the table).

What about you? Are you excited?

Or kind of in “wait and see” mode?

I understand if you don’t use all of the expansions, some of these Prelude cards may not be of interest.

But we’ll have to see how they take care of that.

More news when it hits Kickstarter (which there’s no indication of a date right now).

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