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Stronghold Games Relaunches Kickstarter

Ok, they relaunch *their* Kickstarter… After all of the brouhaha three weeks ago (has it really been that long?), Stronghold Games is back on Kickstarter with Aftershock: San Francisco and Venice. They’ve retooled the campaign along with adding the subtitle to the name to… Continue Reading “Stronghold Games Relaunches Kickstarter”

Stronghold Games & Rex Brynen Reach Agreement on Aftershock Name Controversy

Good news has reached us here at Dude Central! Since I’ve already posted twice on this issue (once criticizing Stronghold for the Twitter block campaign and then asking them to end it when they took the Aftershock Kickstarter campaign down), it’s only fair to… Continue Reading “Stronghold Games & Rex Brynen Reach Agreement on Aftershock Name Controversy”

An Open Letter to Stronghold Games

(Edit: A resolution has been reached!) (Original post below) It’s all over. For now. Yesterday, Stronghold Games pulled the Kickstarter for the new Aftershock game after it had fully funded. According to company president Stephen Buonocore, this was because: “the Deluxe Edition upgrades (and… Continue Reading “An Open Letter to Stronghold Games”

Stronghold Games Continuing Aftershock Twitter Tantrum

(Edit: The Aftershock Kickstarter campaign has been cancelled. Apparently due to the quiet response to some of the “deluxe” things they were offering. Nothing about this controversy, but I thought I would update you on that part at least.) (2nd Edit: I’ve since posted… Continue Reading “Stronghold Games Continuing Aftershock Twitter Tantrum”