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New to Me – October 2021

Now this is more like it. October was a great month for gaming, with me playing 19 different games in the month. This included six new to me games and two new to me expansions! What a cornucopia of games! Well, those aren’t games,… Continue Reading “New to Me – October 2021”

Board & Dice Announcement – Tawantinsuyu!

Say that 3 times fast. I received an email from Board & Dice overnight with a cool new announcement! They keep coming with these things. Yes, it’s Board & Dice with another unpronounceable board game name (though the picture shows that they obviously don’t… Continue Reading “Board & Dice Announcement – Tawantinsuyu!”

New to Me – October 2018

Holy moley, true believers! October is usually a quiet month, but a gaming marathon at the beginning dumped five “new to me” games all in one day and it was only upwards from there! That was the exciting part of the month. I was… Continue Reading “New to Me – October 2018”