The Networks: Executives expansion Kickstarter in September

I’m relatively new to the whole Kickstarter phenomenon, but I’ve backed a few things earlier.

I had decided, however, to not back any more games this year, but with one exception.

Today, Gil Hova (designer of the phenomenal The Networks) announced today that the Kickstarter for the Networks expansion will be opening on September 5!

Called The Networks: Executives, this expansion will add a bunch of new stuff to an already great game.


From the announcement:

The crux of the expansion is 12 Executives. You’ll choose one of these Executives at the start of the game, and you’ll get a special power from that Executive for the whole game. However, the Executive will also force you to play around a specific weakness or liability. Each Executive completely changes the feel of the game, adding an immense amount of replayability.

It will also add moguls (kind of super-charged Network cards) and a “Season Zero” drafting of starter shows/stars/ads that will add a lot of variety to the game.

All of this for somewhere between $20 & $30 US for the expansion itself. You will also be able to pledge to buy the base game and the first expansion, On the Air.

I can’t wait for this expansion.

I know there will be more information on the Kickstarter page itself, but I’m already salivating.

This can’t come soon enough!

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