Flash Point: Tragic Events expansion on Kickstarter

No sooner do I pledge (see what I did there) that I won’t back any more Kickstarters this year (other than The Networks: Executives, of course), then I see word that there’s a new Flash Point: Fire Rescue expansion just popping up on Kickstarter.

Flash Point is a cooperative game where you are all firefighters attempting to save victims in a burning building of some kind. It’s a really fun game that I haven’t played in quite a while but definitely want to rectify that soon.

Using the Kickstarter image

Called Tragic Events, this expansion will have no new boards, so you’ll still be using the same buildings as before.

So what does the expansion have, you ask?

I have a burning desire to tell you

(ok, I’ll get my coat)

This expansion replaces the Advance Fire mechanic used in the original game with Fire Cards that you will draw.

If you draw an Advance Fire card, then roll Advance Fire as normal. If you draw anything else, resolve it as stated.

I won’t go into detail on the rest of that here, as it’s on the Kickstarter page and in the draft rulebook which is linked to from there.

I have to say that I really like the way this mechanic sounds. It will be interesting to see how it works when it’s implemented.

In addition to this change, there are three new specialist roles along with the figures for them. These are:

Fire Prevention Specialist: Will let you move smoke or unrevealed POI out of harms way (I could have sworn this role already existed, maybe as a promo?)

Strategist: Designed to work with the new card system, but also lets you give extra AP to other firefighters

Suppression Specialist: Lets you spend saved AP to adjust Advance Fire rolls, and also prevents new smoke from landing on or adjacent to the player.

These all sound very cool.

I have already backed this expansion, mainly because it doesn’t sound like it will ever show up at retail, or at least until 2019 at the earliest. Maybe through Amazon in 2018, but that’s still not 100% clear.

For $20, it’s hard to turn down more Flash Point.

It’s only going to be around for 14 more days, so I suggest you back it quickly if you’re going to.

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