Bezier Games Announces Werewords Deluxe

Have you had enough Werewords in your life? You know, that hit hidden-role word game where players are trying to guess a word but not get eaten by the werewolf?

Bezier Games doesn’t think it’s possible to have had enough.

They have just announced the new Deluxe version of Werewords, still designed by Ted Alspach, launching on Kickstarter on March 5, 2018.


This brand new edition of the game will address some issues players had with the original game, as well as adding new roles and new modes to the game. It will support more players, but also fewer players if you can’t get the minimum number of players together for the original game.

If you don’t know how the original game plays, one player is the Mayor who knows the secret word that will get rid of the werewolves. The other villagers are trying to guess the word, but the werewolves also know it and are trying to divert the villagers from guessing it.

The Seer knows the word too, but doesn’t want to let the werewolves know that she knows.


One new role is the Fortune Teller, who only knows a letter or two of the word itself. Other new roles will give even seasoned Werewords players a lot of new things to consider.

The game will come with all new updated artwork and an updated app with a brand new narrator. New narrator, new attitude.

Finally, there are also new modes, such as Speedwords, where villagers will know the number of letters in the word and perhaps some of the letters…but the werewolves will be choosing what letters are revealed. But the Villagers will have only half the time to figure out what the word is.

How does that work?

I don’t know. I’m just your simple correspondent. I guess we’ll see at launch.

WWDX-Box-cover-preview-front only-

The rules have been rewritten and expanded, and the game now supports 2-20 players (instead of 4-10 like the previous edition).

You can find out much more information when the Kickstarter launches on March 5. It also sounds like it will be shipped in time for Gen Con this Summer, which means a very quick turnaround time.


5 Comments on “Bezier Games Announces Werewords Deluxe

  1. Ooooh interesting. I preordered werewords the same time I pre-ordered Millions of Dollars. That was five months ago, still haven’t seen either, because millions of dollars keeps getting pushed back. 😥

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