AuZtralia now live on Kickstarter

Guess what else just arrived on Kickstarter?

(I’ll refrain from the same joke I used in yesterday’s Werewords post).

You may remember me gushing about the idea of AuZtralia, designed by Martin Wallace. It’s the spiritual sequel to his brilliant game, A Study in Emerald.

Now it’s arrived on Kickstarter, and it was an insta-back for me (I’d been clamoring to my friends about it since it was first announced, so how could I not?)


AuZtralia is a game of adventure and exploration in an alternate 1930s. The thousand-year reign of Cthulhu and the Old Ones is now over, and humanity is beginning to explore the world again.

They’ve stumbled upon this land called Australia, and they’ve decided to explore it and maybe colonize it as well. Unfortunately, they don’t realize that the Old Ones’ forces actually had their main retreat point so this brand new land is actually a hive of terrible creatures.

Players begin the game explore and settling the land, and each action will cost time units, making the game progress further.

Once you reach a certain time unit, suddenly the Old Ones will wake up and be taking turns as well as the players!

The Old Ones will start moving around, destroying farms and aiming to destroy players’ ports. Thus, it becomes a game of not just resource management/exploration, but also fighting. Hope you’ve been building military units!

At the end of the game, everyone will total up their points and the Old Ones’ points as well (be careful…they do tend to the flip the table if they get angry). It’s very possible that nobody will win if the Old Ones have the most points.

Thus, while it is a competitive game, no one is served if you let the Old Ones run rampant. You may have to cooperate a bit to make sure that they don’t run away with it.

But don’t help *too* much, as maybe letting them destroy the Blue player’s farm wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.

Auztralia cards
A couple of the characters you can recruit. Photo from Boardgame Geek by the awesome Ella (@laminating_bg on Twitter). Also can be found on Kickstarter page.

I’m a big fan of A Study in Emerald, so when I read this concept, it sounded enormously fascinating. I am extremely jealous of those who got to play this with Wallace at various cons in Australia.

As of this writing, they’ve surpassed their funding goal and they will have “quests” regularly to see if they can add more to the project. There won’t be the normal “stretch goals” to this campaign. There’s no “deluxe” edition.

Instead, publisher SchilMil Games wants everybody who backs it to get the same game.

They have been able to get almost worldwide distribution by establishing partnerships with various game companies. In North America, Stronghold Games will be handling distribution, which is really nice.

Take a look at the Kickstarter page and back it today if it sounds as cool to you as it does to me.

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