Viscounts of the West Kingdom now on Kickstarter

I should have posted this yesterday, but wanted to get the Dice Tower Con post out and I don’t like to do two major posts in one day.

Yesterday morning, the Kickstarter for one of my most anticipated games went live.


Viscounts of the West Kingdom, designed by Shem Philips and S J Macdonald and with art by Mihajlo Dimitrievski, will be published by Garphill Games and Renegade Game Studios later in 2020.

The Kickstarter funded in about 10 minutes and now sits (at the time of this writing, which is actually last night) at over $472,000 CDN. The goal was $19,000 CDN.


Let’s blurb this thing:

Viscounts of the West Kingdom is set at a time when the King’s reign began to decline, circa 980 AD. Choosing peace over prosperity, our once strong King began offering our enemies gold and land to lay down their axes. But peace is a tenuous affair. As poverty spread, many people lost faith in his ability to lead and sought independence from the crown. Since finding favour in his courts, our future has also become uncertain. As viscounts, we must be wise and decisive. Loyalty is to be upheld, but gaining favour among the people must be our priority, should there be a sudden shift in power.”

This game is a kind of deck-builder but since Shem said on Boardgame Geek that he doesn’t really like deck-builders, this is one that he can actually enjoy.

It incorporates a number of mechanisms: deck-building, rondel-movement, and tableau-building as well.

For those of you who don’t like negative player interaction, the interaction in this game is pretty much all positive! You might get benefits from what other players do, so be paying attention during their turns.

All pictures from the campaign page

It looks like a really interesting game and I backed it as soon as I was able to.

While the campaign says that the estimated delivery time is December 2020, they do admit that there will be copies for sale at Gencon.

However, that doesn’t bother me that much, especially because Garphill has historically been able to get these games shipped by September.

I’m hoping that they can do the same with this one.

You can back the game for $82 NZ (right now, that’s about $69 CDN or $51 US) and best of all, shipping is already included in that!

There is an additional option if you’re interested in it (I’m not).

You can also by the West Kingdom “Tomesaga” that has a campaign and some cooperative scenarios as well.

If you buy the Tomesaga along with Viscounts, it will run you $128 NZ ($107 CDN or $80 US) and you’ll get some cool metal coins as well as some neat promos for all three games.

All in all, this looks like yet another winning game from Garphill and I can’t wait to see where it falls in the West Kingdom trilogy for me (right now, Architects of the West Kingdom is still slightly ahead of Paladins of the West Kingdom, but not by much).

Check out the Kickstarter page for some great videos to show you how it plays as well as a place where you can have them…

Take Money

The campaign ends March 19, so get cracking!



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