Fantastic Factories: Manufactions Coming to Kickstarter

Really quick post for Friday because, well, it’s Friday. I’ve already done two posts this week and I just returned from an 8-hour drive around British Columbia that was really beautiful but also really exhausting.

So let’s talk about Fantastic Factories: Manufactions!

I first got the chance to play the wonderful tableau-building card game Fantastic Factories, designed by Joseph Z. Chen and Justin Faulkner, at a Dragonflight Con a couple of years ago.

A great bunch of guys!

Oh yeah, it was also when I got the chance to meet and play a game with Christian!

Joseph was running the game and did a great job of it, and the game itself is amazing.

Sadly, I missed the chance to pick it up but I did get a chance to play it with my wife at Dice Tower West in February.

The game itself is amazing, with you drafting production buildings that you may want to buy, or you may discard them in order to build other buildings. The cards in your hand will have multiple uses, and as you place buildings you will also often have better places to use the dice you roll.

That’s a lot of 6’s!!!!

I love how you can build your engine not just from victory point buildings, but also giving you lots of different uses for the dice you roll.

And you can purchase workers that give you more dice, or let you manipulate your dice, or whatever!

This is base game Fantastic Factories, so what does the Manufactions expansion give you?

I have no idea!

But I’m following the Kickstarter for it so that I will know when it goes live on September 29th!

Check out the page and save it for the future. You’ll receive notice when the Kickstarter goes live.

I plan on not only buying the expansion but hopefully (I can’t imagine it won’t) it will have the ability to buy the base game as well.

Congratulations to Joseph for getting the game picked up by Deep Water Games, but I think getting the whole kit and kaboodle (Editor: Wow, talk about dating yourself) through the Kickstarter will be even better.

If you get a chance to play the base game, you should! There’s a reason Tom Vasel picked it as one of his top 10 games from 2019.

Does this sound like something you’re interested in?

Let me know in the comments.

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