Deluxe Edition of Castles of Mad King Ludwig?

Edit (12/21/20) – And it has now been announced!

Imagine my surprise the other day when I got an email from Bezier Games with an intriguing link.

After the massive success of the Deluxe edition of Suburbia on Kickstarter, Bezier Games is looking at the possibility of doing a Deluxe edition of it’s other hit, The Castles of Mad King Ludwig.

This is also posted on Boardgame Geek:

“Brainstorming this week: What would you like to see in a collector’s edition of Castles of Mad King Ludwig?

We’re looking into this possibility after a few requests from our fans, so we’d love to get your feedback on this survey”

Are you interested in new art? New tiles? Any new rules?

Bezier Games wants to know.

Here’s the survey.

I’m really impressed with the Deluxe Edition of Suburbia though I haven’t played it yet.

A deluxe version of Castles of Mad King Ludwig could be insane!

If you’re a fan of the game, go to the survey and let them know what you would like.

Some people would like the Polish game artwork, though others find it too busy to actually be usable (though it’s definitely prettier).

Polish art is on the right.

Others would just like some new rules.

Let them know what you think, and maybe we’ll get a cool Deluxe version of this one as well!

Are you a fan of this game like I am? What do you think of a possible deluxe edition?

I would definitely have to check this out.

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